Master chocolatier. Award-winning patissier. Undisputed cake wizard. Nobody does it better than Gerard Mendis.

Gerard became a culinary celebrity at a very young age pioneering the introduction of hand-made, gourmet chocolates in Sri Lanka. As a cake-master, he gained renown for his breath-taking wedding, birthday and theme cakes.

Expanding his culinary expertise, he worked abroad at some of the world’s finest five-star hotels including the Ritz-Carlton, Regency and Hilton. Gerard returned home in 1986 to join the Colombo Hilton’s Patisserie operations, becoming its Executive Pâtissier Chef.

Because of his talent and perseverance, he succeeded in breaking barriers in a world dominated by European culinary stars. Some of his notable achievements: he was the first Sri Lankan to serve on global task forces that opened 28 luxury hotels in Asia and the Middle East; he was also the first Sri Lankan to become a member of the elite Hilton International Team that won awards at global food events; he helped build the Hilton brand and the Colombo Hilton as a prestigious dining destination.

Gerard continues his life’s work at his namesake company, Gerard Mendis Chocolatier. He founded his company on the idea that by sourcing the finest ingredients, using traditional European techniques and drawing on his own creative inspirations, Gerard Mendis Chocolatier would become a magnet for customers. His vision has succeeded. Gerard Mendis Chocolatier is currently recognized as the premier source for the best luxury chocolates, elegant cakes and irresistible confections in Sri Lanka.

All of Gerard’s skills and creativity are on display at his flagship store at Horton Place in Colombo 7 and his online store where customers flock to buy gourmet gifts, order wedding and birthday cakes and admire and indulge in his exquisite creations.